Car culture is weird

All I have to say is this… everyone admires racecars not that fucking stance shit…

My comic book world is dead

So I basically grew up with comic books being about fantasy and a tiny bit of reality, DC & marvel comic was awesome back then even with it’s weird stories and some questions which made you go wait that doesn’t make any sense why didn’t magneto take out wolverine’s metal long time ago?
Even when the 1st movie based on a comic came out, when the movie tried so hard to make it like the actual comic which left you going… wow I thought spawn would be more edgy not lame…
Recently I’ve read that the characters are now changed and that there are so many alternative of the original its confusing.
How many times did batman die? Smart hulk, HA I bet they totally forgot about the issue where he wore huge bunny house slippers while teaming up with X factor. Or better yet the origin of beta ray bill… aka horse Thor.
Now they are turning my comic world upside down once more by turning Thor into a woman and having bat girl into some kind of hipster.
Dude why mess with the classics? What happen to being creative by bringing out a super villain which it would take a lot of effort to beat only to find out that the villain is some kind of alternative son or sibling from a different dimension, instead of turning all the major marvel and dc characters into some woman or hipster.





Ricers ruining s chassis hella sick


the first thing that is a dead giveaway to why this is NOT EVEN A LITTE BIT SURPRISING (if the megan coils didn’t give it away enough) but that has an rb20 manifold. lol.

buy better coil overs? or ruin my strut towers… which one is free!

That’s just horrible

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When I was 20 I turned the world into my gym and my race track. Benched 400lbs weighted 200lbs’ drove fast didn’t care. Since then I matured and found my wife. Now my family is my world. Yet my wife wants me to turn the world into a gym again… this is gonna hurt… heavy lifting here we go again.

It takes a lot of hard work to make a black car shine. OR a good camera filter to make it look car wash clean… LOL 

thank god you can’t see the amount of brake dust.

CLUB LEXUS is a bunch of BULL SHIT people

So there are people in club lexus including the mods are ignorant as shit. They have been supporting cyber bullying and won’t allow people to exchange ideas.

INSTEAD there are people who rather talk down to you because your able to find ways to solve a problem differently. Now thats like the classic school scenario where there is a kid who was able to solve something where others can’t or that there is a kid who preferred to do things on a different way as a result gets picked on day in day out.

Personally I’ve done a lot of road racing, street racing in my life where I can say I know who to talk to and ask the right questions so I can gain my goal of having a faster car. Not just having a fast car but having a bulletproof car, meaning I can go fast as much as I can and as long as I want and still be able to drive around for my daughter and take my wife out on dates.

CLUB LEXUS is about stupid modifications, making their cars look nice but not going fast. Idiots who put superchargers then stance it out with air bags, that stupid that defeats the purpose to having a supercharger… you added so much weight with your air bag system and the supercharger has to draw so much boost just to haul your heavy car around. Its like basically added 3 pounds of nitrous on a car while hauling a elephant in the back seat.

All the parts on my car, race proven, very little bling reason for that I have a goal of being a sleeper. I want people to look at my car and say “Oh just another lowered car…” then once I gas it, it take them forever to catch up. FUNCTIONALITY is the key and that is a very japanese thing. 

If you ever read this and have a lexus and want to join CLUB LEXUS, just don’t your better off hanging out with actual racers who know what they are doing instead of those idiots.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Daytona Beach father beat an 18-year-old man unconscious after finding him sexually abusing his 11-year-old son early Friday morning, police said.



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