CLUB LEXUS is a bunch of BULL SHIT people

So there are people in club lexus including the mods are ignorant as shit. They have been supporting cyber bullying and won’t allow people to exchange ideas.

INSTEAD there are people who rather talk down to you because your able to find ways to solve a problem differently. Now thats like the classic school scenario where there is a kid who was able to solve something where others can’t or that there is a kid who preferred to do things on a different way as a result gets picked on day in day out.

Personally I’ve done a lot of road racing, street racing in my life where I can say I know who to talk to and ask the right questions so I can gain my goal of having a faster car. Not just having a fast car but having a bulletproof car, meaning I can go fast as much as I can and as long as I want and still be able to drive around for my daughter and take my wife out on dates.

CLUB LEXUS is about stupid modifications, making their cars look nice but not going fast. Idiots who put superchargers then stance it out with air bags, that stupid that defeats the purpose to having a supercharger… you added so much weight with your air bag system and the supercharger has to draw so much boost just to haul your heavy car around. Its like basically added 3 pounds of nitrous on a car while hauling a elephant in the back seat.

All the parts on my car, race proven, very little bling reason for that I have a goal of being a sleeper. I want people to look at my car and say “Oh just another lowered car…” then once I gas it, it take them forever to catch up. FUNCTIONALITY is the key and that is a very japanese thing. 

If you ever read this and have a lexus and want to join CLUB LEXUS, just don’t your better off hanging out with actual racers who know what they are doing instead of those idiots.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Daytona Beach father beat an 18-year-old man unconscious after finding him sexually abusing his 11-year-old son early Friday morning, police said.



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The heart of a monster. Only running 25-35% of its full tuning. 486hp at rear tires, yet still looking very very stock. I will run you down, chase you down, and still be unnoticeable by the police.

There should be more messages like this..

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All the Skottie Young Spidey cuteness! Interlocking variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man #9 and Superior Spider-Man #32, out in August and November, respectively.

Read more about ‘em here.

Nice spiderman pictures

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Yep that kind of night… thanks @meguiarsusa for always making my cars shine. #hellawax #meguiars #ultimateblackwax.

My Dad used to own this when I was growing up in the philippines… too bad you can’t find these in america

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