Get real… you spend all your money to “vip style” your car, yet you live with your parents or at best live in a apartment or townhouse. “Vip style,” was meant for the old gangsters and mobs of Japan aka yakuza. They have the money and life style which vip meant having a maybach or Bentley and having a person drive them. Not some tuner car with curtains.

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selling rims… with an over the top price?!

Okay… why are there so many F’ed up rims up for sale? Especially rims that are the real deal, ie volks, advans, bbs… etc… you would look for some rims for a good price from people and when they post pictures of the rims for sale, the rims would be totally curbed. Then you look at the ad more so, the price for the curbed rims would be totally over priced.

You may have bought it for 2-3,000 BRAND NEW but once you mount tires on it, or test fit it on your car you just made the rims used. But once you have fully damaged the rims without repairing you have no right to demand for such high price. If you curb the rims about 1/4 of the way, the price should dramatically drop (ex original price 2-3000, just mounted and test fitted on the car the rims should be brought down to 1800, but once it get curbed 800-400 depending how much of the damage is despite the brand of rims.)

If you were to include the semi new or new tires to your rims that does not mean you should jack up the price of the wheels itself, what if the tires you mounted aren’t the ideal ones the buyer wants. Besides its just tires, they are not gold. 

"but I bought the rims for 4,000 and tires for 900 with mounting and balancing, also the TPSM that’s why I’m selling for 5000" dude your on crack… I’ll buy it for 1000 reason being I am just interested in the rims itself, not the tires whether you sell me with or without tires that is fine by me. 

"its brand new I still have the box and I test fitted on my car" So now your telling me that the wheels are now used, because you just scratched it with the lug nuts, and the center bore of the rim is scratched up. Sorry but I don’t care for the box of the rims because this is not a collectors item.

So seriously, be really reasonable when you sell your rims/wheels they are the part of the car that would get damaged more than anything else on your car.

Reverse psychological at its best

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Someone caption this

when bootylicious come on and she ask u if u ready for dat jelly

when u start thinking about when ya dad left so u dont nut too fast.

When she backin it up and you feel her fart on ya dick

He didn’t have the nerve to tell her that he has crabs and herpes plus he is gay..

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Still to this day my favorite comic

thank god I don’t work at a morgue… instead at a tech company. 

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bad time for idols..

I can go about ranting on why you shouldn’t idolize these famous people, or these shameless athletes. But why bother? You can just simply log on to your news that they would give you all the reason why you shouldn’t. Then there would be some kind of big argument about the media blows things way too much. 

Honestly in this age of selfies and ice bucket, real idols are hard to come by. I grew up not wanting to be someone or to mimic someone, instead I grew up and still growing up just simply wanting to forge my own path. It is not because I wanted to be different from the rest, that’s a stupid excuse and too easy. No I think and strongly believe that each person should find their limits in life and learn from it so they can raise their own bar, even if people think that bar is too high or too low.

I often tell my wife “dunno, don’t care,” that’s because I really don’t know and if I did, I don’t care at all. Reason being is that if it has nothing to do with my little family or me, then why should I care or raise an beat of concern?

We all go through some kind of trial in life, we shouldn’t make excuses instead find different solutions. There are more ways to overcome a obstacle, you just have to open your mind to see it. I think I share the same ideas that you or someone may see/view/believe, but that does not mean that I idolize you for that fact. I may “copy” a certain style, or way of thinking, but that does not mean I shall worship you. I might be seen trying something that the other person has done, yet that does not mean that I will see you as my god or leader it could just mean “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Being in this culture of cars, you will tend to notice that many people would copy each other’s style instead of thinking or seeing that there are better ways other than copying each other’s style. Those who originally created something then suddenly thousands of people are simply praising them for it are really taking advantage of the masses aka sheep. 

Prime example would be “JOE Z” a guy took a pipe, welded two smaller pipes and drilled a hole for a sensor. Then tells the Lexus ISF community that he made a better solution for the intake tube, and the kicker is that he will charge you a lot of money for that tube. It is just a direct replacement of the OEM part.

But if your looking for a example of the real world, look at that fool Mayweather. His method of fighting may have kept him as champ, but the true is he just never actually found the right challenge. His basic style is keep his left arm low and on the defense and tuck his right then jab around forcing the other person to follow which in turn making the other person winded. If Mayweather were to keep the fight in the middle of the ring and exchange punches he wouldn’t really last long.

Another would be that Canadian idiot Justin Beiber, that idiot idolized by so many and ends up on the news because he has it in his head that he can do almost anything and get away with it because he is famous and these young and cougars love him.

If your famous set an example, seriously. No one wants to see some dude get plastic surgery to look like some idiot.

Shit I rather see some kid idolize captain America then some famous person, only to see then on TMZ due to some kind of drug or sex or both… At least Captain America shows that fighting the bad guy and saving the world will give the kid still be a kid and the adults remember what it was like back then.