Daughters should look up to their mothers for examples and inspiration. My daughter wants to be a doctor because my wife is in the medical field. (at Gott’s Roadside)


Deleted the comments because they were ignorant.


Deleted the comments because they were ignorant.

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My little girl is growing up… (this time I didn’t have to use my pilers… hehehehe) #prouddad # proud parents

Yes just like that… dreams can come true if you work hard enough.

Daddy ISF, Mommy beast 800hp is350. WHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT?!


Anyone remember this? The Super Autobacs MR-S that competed in the JGTC 300 class that won numerous championship titles during the early 2000s season. Wish they could bring the JGTC series here in the U.S. again. #automints #JGTC #racemeat #MRS #Superautobacs

hell yeah

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yes thats JDM as FUCK… thank god we’re not copying this from japan..

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WOW seriously? that is just nutty

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Photo by: Jeff f. 
Instagram: @YOJEFFF

One of the dopest S2K’s I’ve ever seen in person. 

Not a track car. Waste of a machine.

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Wife likes rabbits and that’s fine… when your married you learn to accept these things.